Fujifilm launch of the new XF1 Compact camera series – Bloggers Meet

Fujifilm Corporation, the world’s leading photographic and imaging company, today announced its latest offering for the Indian market – the premium compact XF1.


I tried my hand on the X-E1 and trust me, it had one of the very fastest Autofocus I have ever come across. With its unique hybrid electronic viewfinder, solid metal body and analogue dial-led control philosophy, it was clearly targeted towards professionals who like to carry a camera on them all the time.


The beautiful X-E1




Fujifilm X-Pro1


The viewfinder of the X-E1. Thanks Arpan Das for taking me through this beauty.


Hemant Sud, a professional fashion photographer summed up photography in those 10minutes, putting to shame all the schools that teach photography for monetary benefits.


The audience filled with tech bloggers


Hemant Sud was terrific with his one-liners for all the photographers, one of them being “What’s an aperture? It’s just a hole. It lets light enter.”

Rajneesh Kapoor entertaining the audience with his Delhi men & more jokes.Image

Minisha Lamba, the brand ambassador for Fujifilm, India.


Fujifilm X-10


This beauty here came with a 24-650mm lens. Again powered by a super fast auto-focus option.

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