Philips Foodathon

So I was at Foodathon, a food bloggers and influencers’ meet held in V Spot Cafe Bar organized by 20:20 MSL.

Chef Darren teaching us the art of food presentation.
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageThe awesome team from 20:20 MSL behind the success of the event.
So a wonderful event, backed my awesome food and hospitality by V Spot Cafe Bar and the 20:20 MSL team. Thanks for all the efforts put into ensuring my first Eid (without family) wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!


  1. My Unfinished Life (@MyUnfinishedlyf)

    hi there…i was there at the event too…and my pic is there too i see(am the lady with the wayfarer shades!!!

    im glad u liked the event…however for me it was a failure, totally disorganized(started late!!!) which shows they dont respect a blogger’s time!! nothing new i learnt from either the chef or the ace photographer(have attended much better paid sessions)…and the food & drinks, made to wait till i was dying of thirst for a glass of water….!!!

    i dont mind the food bit….only they should not have named it foodathon!!!….


  2. Priyanka Dey

    I like the pictures..Though I would have loved a comprehensive post on the meet itself but you being our photowala..I do understand that your post has more to do with the pictures!


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