Honda at the Auto Expo ‘2014 #StepIntoTheFuture

An exclusive sneak peek of Honda’s upcoming offerings.

Honda Cars India Ltd  unveiled the Honda Mobilio and the new 3rd generation Honda Jazz at the 12th Auto Expo 2014.

Apart from these two models, Honda also unveiled the Vision XS-1, alongside with the NSX Concept and the Accord Hybrid.

NIN_7551 NIN_7555 NIN_7558 NIN_7563 NIN_7565 NIN_7569 NIN_7572 NIN_7574 NIN_7579 NIN_7582 NIN_7585 NIN_7586 NIN_7590 NIN_7591 NIN_7594 NIN_7603 NIN_7605 NIN_7607

Asimo grooving to Bollywood music

NIN_7608 NIN_7611 NIN_7612 NIN_7616 NIN_7620 NIN_7621 NIN_7624 NIN_7625 NIN_7629 NIN_7630 NIN_7631 NIN_7632 NIN_7634 NIN_7635 NIN_7636 NIN_7639 NIN_7641 NIN_7643 NIN_7644 NIN_7645 NIN_7646 NIN_7648 NIN_7651 NIN_7652 NIN_7653 NIN_7655 NIN_7659 NIN_7663

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