Love Thy Neighbour: Colombo at a quick glimpse

Indigo Airlines to Colombo from Delhi

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Such has been my opinion about our neighbour down South, Sri Lanka. While planning trips with my wife, Sri Lanka was never on my radar. Sure, I had been curious with the beautiful landscapes, majestic elephants, endless coastal paradise often popping up on my timeline. The delicious food and super cheap prices was of course tempting, but something or the other kept me off it until now. Indigo recently started their direct flight from Delhi to Colombo, Sri Lanka and as a part of the promotion, invited me to be a part of the crew to witness the beauty of the Capital city firsthand.

Usually known to tourists as the gateway to Sri Lanka, Colombo actually has a lot to offer, once you decide to sit back and relax here. I landed here in the afternoon, and after freshening up and getting my dose of coffee, headed out for shopping. The options are unlimited. I started my spree from Pettah, a pretty popular space for shopping anything and everything from street vendors and then moved on to more lush commercial spaces in the city. The city has its share of colonial influences, and one of the best places to experience that is at the Fort. The gardens are a perfect visual treat of techniques and nature’s beauty. While on one end, there is a major budding scene where high rise is on a steady rise, look around and you’d still find your cozy share of small shops, great local food and amazing trivia. All in all, a great city to chill around in.

Later, I headed to Galle Face Beach and believe you me, all that hype about Sri Lankan beaches is worth it. Clean, pristine sand with an endless shoreline, one couldn’t ask for more. Enjoying a cold beer there was definitely a highlight of my trip.

The next day was a splurge as I found my way to what is known as Ministry of Crab. Known for its delectable cuisine around Sri Lanka’s high quality crabs, the restaurant is known as much for its eclectic menu as its popular for its co-owners, famous cricketers Kumar Saangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena. And the ocean city did not disappoint here either. Every dish looked and tasted remarkably different than anything other I’ve tried. After the meal, I was light on my pocket and happily heavy in my stomach.

I was in Colombo just for a little over 24 hours, and I am proud to say I made full use of it. This city did not give me any headache and made sure I had a good time, from painting beautiful sceneries to giving me a lively nightlife, I had the perpetual comfort that you have at your neighbour’s place. Not yours, but quite your own. After getting a taste of this, I’d certainly be planning an elaborate trip to Sri Lanka in the coming future.

The Dutch Hospital is Sri Lanka’s best new development and Ministry Of Crab is its centerpiece. You can dine on the verandah or inside the large communal style dining room (it has big tables where you seat near other guests).

(for menu picks:

With huge exports, Crabs are a major income earner for Sri Lanka’s fishing industry,

Colombo remains both the commercial and financial capital of Sri Lanka

which can be visited any time of year due to its tropical climate.

This is not hte place to bring out hte adventurer in you, this is the place to sit back and laze around in style while nature entertains you with its innate bounty.

No heavy luggage,

Sri Lanka’s prime international airport, Bandaranaike International


Getting around by Tuk-Tuk (Three wheeler, Tri-shaw) is generally the most convenient option in Colombo

Arguably, the most authentic way to experience Sri Lanka is by hiring and driving your own Tuk-Tuk

  • Visit Galle Face Beach at sundown for a spectacular view. The promenade stretches 13 acres between Galle Road and the Indian Ocean; it tends to attract children, teenagers, vendors, and families. Usually on Saturday and Sunday evenings, the land is filled with day-trippers, food vendors, and people picnicking. The Galle Face Green Promenade was reopened to the public in May of 2001.